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Christmas Lights and Gifts

Writing 201: Poetry

Day 2: Gifts, Acrostic, Simile

Christmas lights and gifts

Hooray, the children spirits lift

Right around the corner, Mom and Dad sigh so sad

Instead of laughter they feel so bad

Singing children await the day

They can open gifts of toys to play

Mom and Dad kneel to pray

All the days before the day

Saving pennies till they say

Love and Joy will make a way

instead of toys it will be joy

Gifts of laughter will play the role

Heightened through spirited souls

They will learn that love and joy

Spring forth the laughter of children, ‘O, BOY!’

All will learn to share of themselves

Never needing of anything else

Diving into present time

Giving gifts without a dime

Instead of stress joy will take bay

Finding laughter in every way

This christmas day is finally here

Spirited children from far and near, share the joy with no fear.

by: Artistami Eva Ramos

7 thoughts on “Christmas Lights and Gifts

  1. Made me super excited for Christmas! I liked the message that I got from it- material gifts aren’t the only focus of Christmas. Being together with your family/loved ones is the best part 🙂

    1. Christmas is one of my favorite time of year. And the gathering of family is what I love most, with the joking and laughing, not to mention all the food. Best gift we can ever receive.

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