My Writing Space

Writing 101  Day 6: The space to write

My space becomes my space once everyone is off to sleep.   There is no possible way I can write with all sorts of commotion going on and the television is blasting.

IMG_6518The spot for my writing is my kitchen table.  Once all go to bed, dishes are done and put away, only then, can I start the me time mode.  I bring my laptop, my pens and pencils, and my notebook to the table.  I even bring some of my favorite magazines and/or books to read.  Something that is truly hard to do with everyone needing of my time.   Sometimes I set my supplies out at the table before time, only to start feeling a little frustrated.  It seems as if no one understands the concept of me time, no matter how much I explain it to them that I need to write.

Often times, I wish to have my own space.  A space where I can create, write, or just read with no interruptions.   I can be in the zone and here they come with some type of question,  or commentary concerning school or friend,  even just to tell me a joke of some kind.  And, somehow, it never seems to fail that they interrupt when I have (in my opinion) a good thought and out the window it goes.  Now that is a horror to any writer, I am sure.  Sometimes I get it back, other times it is gone, gone with the wind.

But then, I start to think.   I start to think on how grateful I am to have what I have.   They are my family and I love them.  All though this is the reason I may not have the time; time to write, to paint, or to sketch.

I try my best to work at night, once everyone is off to bed.   Depending on the day I had, how my day goes determines if I can visit my space or not.   There are days when I am just so out of energy that the only thing I am going to be taking is a good night sleep.   At times,  I enjoy my space immensely, I can actually stay until 2am or even 3am.

One thing I have learned during this up and down process is to appreciate every second of my blessings.  I have learned to be grateful for the time I have for myself when I am able to take it, and be grateful for the time  I have with my family.  There is no sense fighting for either.  Embracing every second you have in life with family members, friends, or yourself should be a loving and learning experience.  So I say, hands up and embrace them all.

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