A Broken Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Broken.”


The family knew all to well that eventually the day will come,  but it doesn’t make it any easier.

My aunt called letting us know how they knew that my aunt Rosa was not going to make it.  She suggested that if anyone wanted to see her before she moves on that they make there way over to her.  I was beside myself.  So I just grabbed for my laptop and started searching for airline tickets and car rentals.   There was no time for price searching.   I had to purchase whatever I could find.   When we arrived at the airport, we walked to the shuttle bus that would take us to the car rental office to pick up the car.   I felt an uneasy feeling come over me and I started to feel anxious, I looked  at the time and it was 1:30am.   I started wondering more or less about the time we would arrive at my aunt’s house just when finally the bus arrived.   Once we arrived at my aunt’s house at about 3:30am, she greeted us with hot cocoa, coffee, and cheese and crackers.   Jokingly,  I said ‘we should be going to bed so that we can get to aunt Rosa’s in the morning’.   She asked if we wanted to go to her house at that time and letting us know that my cousins are at the house.   Of course,  my aunt Rosa we would be in the hospital.   I really desired to hit the bed,  but she seemed like she wanted to get things off her chest about her sister.   In the middle of her conversation, explaining all my aunt Rosa went through in the last few days, she said something that I had to ask her to repeat, she said it so fast.   My aunt repeated what she said and told us that aunt Rosa past away.   I didn’t get to see her before she left, I felt so hurt.  We were heart broken.   It took a little time to gather my thoughts together.   Then she told us that she past away at 1:30am.   I started to remember the uneasy feeling I felt at that time while we were waiting for the shuttle bus.   I turned to look to my mother and her look acknowledged what I was thinking.   We were heart broken at the moment to know that we would never exchange tales and laughter with her again.

I was, however, grateful that we were able to come see her the prior year, and we did get to speak to her over the phone a couple of weeks before her death. I remember how she was so adamant about coming over to my house for a visit, she promised me she was going to take care of herself so that she could travel.

Although,  her death did not come as a surprise,  it was a very sad one.   She was deteriorating slowly.   It was watching her die a slow death and it didn’t make it any easier, except keeping the positive attitude that we will see her again after we leave this place.

This is just a perfect situation on how we should enjoy life with one another and create beautiful memories with the ones we love.   I always let my family know before they leave, or go to bed,  ‘I LOVE YOU’.   Embrace life to the fullest even with people we meet just in passing.  Share a smile,  share a simple salutation, like, ‘Good Morning, Good Afternoon,  Have a good evening’ or maybe a nice complement, ‘I like your shoes’.   Those simple words could mean the world to someone at that moment.  You never know.   One day we will meet again.