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Admiration of Thunderous White Walls

Who would have ever thought that within this breasted wall lays beneath the existence of innocence past With desires of setting and exploding a bomb blast. At the beautiful sight of the thunderous walls Came down the white mist with such a roar With such a great forceful and tall demand Majestically standing you turn… Continue reading Admiration of Thunderous White Walls

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Punctuation Marks

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “By the Dots.”

Although I am fascinated by punctuation marks, I tend to miss use some of them.

I have quite a few punctuation marks that I like using. I try my best to use them correctly.  The commas are one punctuation that I try to get in the right part of a statement making sure that I do not run with the sentence making the reader go out of breath having them read on and on without a break or making sure to prevent a misunderstanding of a statement.  The misunderstanding of a statement can really go bad.

I love over using exclamation!!!  I enjoy over using them only when I am truly excited and want to make sure that I get the message across that I am really ecstatic over something, and hoping whoever is reading my writings, is sincerely sharing of my overly joy and join in my excitement!

Sometimes when I am writing my thoughts or a passage,  I tend to interrupt myself with certain afterthoughts that although it may not be needed, or it does not necessarily pertain to the story, yet it may give a little humor, or emphasis to the writing, I will place the thought in parenthesis.

The usage of punctuation marks is so important.   It helps get the message across in a clear manner.