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I’m at a Lost

I don’t understand any of what is going on.
Can someone help me and or explain it? Help understand why is all this happenning. None of it is desired. Looking for these happennings is ludacris. Who is to say what is deserve or what is not deserved. It is quite confusing as there is nothing being done but sitting here waiting until one is needed by others. Fear has a hold, preventing movement, preventing an encounter of what life can actually look like beyond present existence. Fear has a hold, fear that they are needed, and those needing of one find themselves alone. Would it be wrong if they were left to fence for themselves. Yet, fear still would have a hold, fear that if something horrific were to occur and one was nowhere to be found. So how is it that someone who does nothing, but wait until they are needed, wait until they are beckoned upon, deserve such cruelty.
I just don’t undertstand any of it, and I am at a lost.

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