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Dear Procrastination,

Writing 101, Day  8: Reinvent the letter

(Yesterday’s prompt gave me the idea for today’s assignment, and due to the fact that I know all to well about procrastination, I felt compelled to write a letter to it.  It would be nice that it would finally take a hike.)


Dear Procrastination,

     I have been dealing with you long enough and I write this to let you know that I no longer wish to have you lurking around waiting for the opportunity to continue to sabotage my dreams.  I am done with you and want you to get lost.

     I have created, yes created a tremendous passion of hatred towards you.   I hate you.   You have occupied so much of my time.   You have this sneaky awful way about you.   You slide in my thoughts and distract me with your evil lying claims.

     I knew deep within my very soul what were my dream desires, and I knew what I should have been doing, but you always manage to intervene. I can’t believe how you even used the people around me to do your dirty deed. I am so through with you. You have stolen from me for far to long. My creating process has been left up to you for the last time.  You have stolen precious time from me that can never be replaced,  making me think I have plenty of time to work on my projects.  Here it is many years later and still I have close to nothing of what I should have done,  because of your wicked lies.   From this point on I send you to HELL and I don’t ever want you to return, nor ever want to hear from you again. This is it!

     There is no embracing you at all. This in itself is a ludicrous lie. Embrace procrastination, absolutely not. Are you mad! Move it along, you selfish bastard. And you can take that foolish thought, that you instilled in me, to trick me again into thinking that it is ok to procrastinate. I will no longer be fooled by your conniving ugly thoughts.

     There is absolutely no way I will take into consideration of bestowing upon you my kind disposition. You don’t deserve it after all the harm you did me. I don’t like you, no, for better words, I hate you. And with that said move it along, and don’t you dare come back no more. No more, I tell! I will not take you in no more. Go and leave me in peace. I claim restoration in my life. Restoration of all you have stolen from me.

     Keep in mind that from this point on, I will dismiss you, procrastination, the moment you try to sneak in and send evil thought to kill my creativity of any form.

Cleansed of you for good,


2 thoughts on “Dear Procrastination,

  1. Well I am glad that you’ve stood up to PROCRASTINATION. He certainly does not seem to be a good part of your process and by looking him in the face and saying ‘ENOUGH’ I think he’ll be replaced by ‘MOTIVATION’

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