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Writing 101 Prompt, Day 7: Let social media inspire you

Contemplating on your indecisive thought, I would have to say that procrastination is a creativity killer and it is NOT, I repeat NOT essential to creativity.  It definitely kills it.  I have been a big procrastinator all my life.  I could come up with such ideas that sound good, but here comes that darn procrastinator, telling me: Oh, wait till tomorrow,  or how about the weekend;  You should wait till morning, how about tomorrow night; The house is a mess, I have to clean first.  I am not prepared for it yet, I need new supplies, etc, etc, etc…  So much waiting that the thought went out the window.  Then you sit to think about what was it that you wanted to create and nothing.  In my opinion, Procrastination is a huge killer for me.

5 thoughts on “Procrastination

    1. I would think so, but you have certain people to think that it is ok to procrastinate, therefore claiming it a killer for me. If it is a killer for you then you know where I am coming from.

  1. Interesting. For me it is the opposite. Procrastination is part of my process. It doesn’t seem so at the time but it definitely seems so in hindsight. I’ve found that everything happens in its time!

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