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Writing 101  Day 4: A story in a single image


Reminiscing, as she looks out the window, of her younger days when she would not give a second thought to getting dress and run her errands. Walking her children to school, going to the market, paying her bills, and running to doctor’s appointment when needed.

The days when she would take the kids to the park to play with the snow, on those beautiful winter days. Once they had their fill of the cold crispy air on their bright red cheeks, her children would not object to going home. Eagerly they all run home and upon her opening the door for her little ones, they catch the warmth coming at them from the inside of their cozy abode.

One by one she receives a grand old hug and a gingerly kiss from her loving children as she removes the winter apparels from their little cold bodies, and into their warm pajamas and slippers.

She then goes into the kitchen to continue on her famous homemade chicken noodle soup that she had started preparing before leaving to the park. She remembers the happy little faces as they finish their soup along with some freshly baked bread.

Wonderful happy memories indeed, of times when she was needed by one and all.

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