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Writing 101: Day 3 Prompt: One Word Inspiration

Choose right or wrong, left or right,

It’s all up to you, its freedom of choice.

However and which ever you wish to go,

prepare to follow according to the corresponding flow.

Only you have the power and control,

to make the decision for your destiny to help you grow.

It is essential to be aware of ones needs in order to prepare

for the correct decision when more then one possibility can be declared.

Consequences or blessings are the end product of your choice

possibilities can prove to be destructive or that of rejoice.

Evolving around your elected choice,

keep in mind that it can be a blessing or a curse.

So think good and hard for your well being,

the choices you make you’ll want it to be freeing.

4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Very wise…and timely for me. I am being faced with some choices right now and trying to get clarity by focusing on needs and wants. I am blessed to have so many possibilities/options/choices but challenged to chose the ones that are ‘best’ for me.

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