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My List of Things I Like

Writing 101: Day 2

Prompt: Write a list of things you like.

  1.  I truly love a clean home.  I feel I can really relax and breathe in a clean home.
  2.  I like to create art: paint, draw, mixed media.
  3.  I like to travel and enjoy meeting interesting people.
  4.  I like to entertain and cook for guest.
  5.  I enjoy walks in the park.
  6.  I enjoy watching the sunset.
  7.  I enjoy learning each and everyday.  Keeps me alert and aware of my being.
  8.  I enjoy journaling.
  9.  My favorite TV show since it first started is Supernatural.
  10.  I love taking pictures, its like freezing time in a frame.
  11.  I enjoy looking at others photographs and learning from them.
  12.  I enjoy treating my family to a nice big breakfast, provided I am not rushing out the door.

6 thoughts on “My List of Things I Like

  1. We certainly seem to like many of the same things! I guess that is why I like hanging out with you here. Love your new theme btw. Very minimalist and clean…will be perfect to showcase your writings, photography and art!

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