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Admiration of Thunderous White Walls

Who would have ever thought

that within this breasted wall

lays beneath the existence of innocence past

With desires of setting and exploding a bomb blast.

At the beautiful sight of the thunderous walls

Came down the white mist with such a roar

With such a great forceful and tall demand

Majestically standing you turn to its command.

Surrounded by such green pastures

Your heart desires to capture

The beauty that stands close at hand

But know that it is dangerously grand

At the first sight of this running wall

I felt as though I was about to fall

My heart skipped a beat with ecstatic child like spirit

For the grandeur of this wall sang with high lyrics

Lyrics that came from the roaring wall

Can only be heard by the spirits after all.

Crashing down on huge boulders down below

The sparkling splashes fly above aglow.

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