Writing 101 Day One: Unlock the mind

Challenge:  Free writing for twenty minutes, non stop.

The gibberish that spewed from the brain.

Letting go of what’s on my mind and write it all down without hesitation.  Unleash the talkative,  babbling muse that can probably prove to be darn dangerously, if you will.   HA,  I used one of those ten editing tips from famous authors posted by boy with a hat.  Just spewing anything that comes to mind what can possibly be on my mind except that I had one lazy day.  Actually, today went by to quick.  I don’t like quick days.   It is like it doesn’t give you any time at all to do what you really want to do.   On the other hand, there are days that all I do is think of all the things I have to do, must do, and for whatever reason, never get to do anything,  this is a ritual with me, every night and every morning.  I just sit there, thinking, and thinking and thinking.  By the time I realize it,  my day has gone by without any regards or concerns.   Yet, all that needed to get done,  all the things that I had to do, are still in waiting.  What’s that all about?   A million and one things, which to do first.   I haven’t the foggiest of idea which to do first, so I wonder about.  Wondering, contemplating,  what is the first order of things.   But I don’t want to do that,  I desire to do this.  No,  but it is not about what I desire,  it is about what I have to do,  my responsibility to those around me.   It’s not about me,  so why do I feel horrible.   I can’t.  I can’t.  I want this, but no, to you.  Must do that, but I think of this.   I look up and there goes the time.   Day is gone. “What did I accomplish today?”,  I ask myself this question every evening.  I sit and think this before I go to sleep.  Then the dreaded thought of,  ‘nothing, nothing at all,  except,  the normal daily things that no matter what, needs to get done.’  Regardless of who, or what, or when, is going on, in a day of a life of anyone.

OK,  OK.   Let’s think for a moment now,  what is the plan for tomorrow.   Start to think,   Ok, when I wake,  I will start on this before doing that and in this way maybe I can get some of it done before I hit the regular normal daily routine.   Ok, Ok,  once working on the normal routine I will start on the one thing I longed to do for the longest of time.  Yes, yes, that’s what I will do.   Then I can go back and continue on my daily routine.   Then after a little while later I can go and do this other thing that I have had on hold for so many years, yes, then go continue again on my routine.  And in this way I will get my daily routine work almost done.  Ok,  Ok,  sounds good.   Relax now,  get ready to sleep.   Oh yeah,  just remembered something,  something horrible,  at least for me it is horrible.   Let me explain,  I had these same thoughts last night, and the night before.  Come to think of it I have had these same thoughts for the past,  Lord knows how long!!  What the heck is wrong with me?    I might as well just know that I will be contemplating, and wondering what is the first order of things for the next day,  and know that I will get to do nothing except my daily routine.   In this manner, I won’t disappoint myself.    Tomorrow will go at the speed of light and will accomplish nothing at all except my daily routine.

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