My Crafting Space


I haven’t been able to play with any of my art in the past few months.   I have been trying to reorganize and redecorate my basement.   Hopefully, this time, I will stay settled and just be happy with the way it turns out.   I am guessing this is why it is taking longer to finish decorating.   I want to make sure that this will make me happy and I will no longer get an urge to redecorate and change things around again.   I have learned something  as I try to keep house and work on projects; there is absolutely no way that you can create art and have a clean station.

I am also doing a lot of purging.   Over the years I have collected many supplies that are just hanging around and I believe I will never get to use them.   Many of my supplies were even doubled.   You see,  at one point, I had trouble going downstairs to create.   I didn’t understand why I wasn’t able to create,  but I assure you, it was not for lack of desire.   So I created this habit to go to the art supply stores or craft stores almost every week in order to get close to art.    It had gotten to the point that I started purchasing supplies that I would have forgotten I had purchased several weeks before.   For one reason,  when I would reach home,  the first thing I would do is just drop the shopping bags of brand new art goodies down in the basement,  then forget about it.  For a long time, I was in this terrible habit.   Thankfully,  I noticed before it really got bad.   I only realized this terrible habit of mine when one day I decided to go down to the basement to my crafting space and realized that I doubled  in a lot of the art supplies.   Rubber stamps,  clear stamps,  paints of the same color were more then just doubled.   I kept buying markers, pens, and water color pencils.   I can’t even begin to tell you how many markers I threw away without even using them.   Well,   hopefully,  that is a broken habit.   I am just praying that after I am done reestablishing and decorating my crafting space,  I don’t get that crazy urge to redo it all over again and just stick to the arts.   Sometimes,  I just think it is the interior decorator in me that keeps on popping up wanting to decorate.

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