My Art, My Journal

I will start this venture by introducing myself… My name is Eva and I am a wife, I am a mother of three, 32, 26, & 17, (still living at home), and care giver to my ailing mother, which by the way, is turning 80 years old.  I have been trying to start this blog for quite some years now.  I have always had a major passion for art, as I am sure that I am just a needle in a huge major hay stack with that comment. I admire many artists who can just jump right in and strut there beautiful works of art.  My OOO’s and Ahhh’s never tire.  I always seem to think that my work is just not good enough to display for others viewing.  But here I am starting this venture (scary), while grasping the idea of My Art, My Journal attitude, without the nay sayers. My definition of art can be summoned up to oil paintings, watercolor, mixed media, art journaling, acrylics, collages, anything that has color and can be transformed into something other then its first purpose. Which is really bad in my case. At an instant I can see a new purpose for something I just bought without giving it the chance of ‘wear and tear’ of the new product.  It was getting so bad and I had to force myself to stop that.  I also enjoy sewing, and cooking, OH yes, and Photography and Interior Decorating. Out of all the artsy things one can do above, I would say that Photography and Interior Decorating are my ultimate favorite.  There is but so much decorating I can do in my home and my kids are like wondering if I will ever let go of the camera. (NEVER, I TELL YOU, NEVER.)  Pray fully, after a while, my venture will become a wonderful adventure and maybe more. Hopefully I will be able to strut my art without a second thought and just be me with my art, my journal.  Embracing all there is to embrace in art.

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